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Wednesday, 18 March 2020



Dear All                                                                                                            18/3/2020

Shaila and I with the Ministry Team members have been praying a lot for all the members of our parish in the light of Coronavirus.  Praying that you all keep safe and healthy.  I’ve shared on Sunday morning in the two services that this is the time of prayer, trust, and hope in asking God’s help in faith.  No verse in the Bible says, ‘do not ask’ instead Jesus said, ‘Ask and it will be given to you’ (Matthew 7:7).  So, let us ask God to keep us safe.

Some of you have asked is there any plan of action in the light of the Coronavirus outbreak.  I’ve been following the Diocesan advice updates. The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have advised this afternoon to cancel all the church services for social distances.

Hence, church services have been cancelled.  All the Lent activities have been cancelled.  Regarding the booking of weddings and baptisms, the information will be sent to the District Wardens.  There are some suggestions made by the diocese on pastoral care.  We are strictly asked to follow the government advice on the virus outbreak in terms of following the hygiene. Please click here to get more information on the Church guidance:

Pastoral care is given to all who are in need, especially who are affected by the virus or self-isolated.  Please call me, the office or Viv Rogers and pass on the information of those who need help.  We shall be happy to offer prayers on the phone if you wish to be prayed for.  Please let us know if anyone needs any help in buying food or have financial difficulties as we can direct them to some charities to assist.  

Ministry Team members consist of me, Shaila (01773-383703), Viv Rogers (01763-837185), Mel Chandler (017638382890 and John Wayper (01799-732045) are all available to offer prayers and help if you need any help.  Alison Wilkinson has also very kindly offered to do the shopping for anyone who is self-isolating in our parish and her telephone number is 01763-837303 or 07801236026 email:  She also assists in chaplaincy dept. in  Addenbrookes hospital.  She offered to talk to the elderly people in our parish if they wish to call her. 

We are soon setting up a prayer chain in our parish. I'll get back to you on this.  If you are interested to be on the prayer chain praying for people please let me know your name. 

Meanwhile, please keep safe and continue to pray.  Please read the following Psalms which are comforting and spiritually refreshing to our souls:
·        Psalm 91 He shall cover you with his wings
·        Isaiah 43 (esp. vv.1-7) Do not fear, for I am with you
·        John 14 Do not let your hearts be troubled
·        27 The Lord is my light and my salvation
·        Psalm 46 Be still and know that I am God.
·        Psalm 139 O Lord, you have searched me out and known me

You may say this prayer with me: O God you made the world and care for all creation. But the world feels strange right now. The news is full of stories about Coronavirus. Many people are anxious because of it. Many people are anxious that they might get ill. Many people are anxious about their family and friends. Be with them in their worries and help them to find some peace. We pray for the doctors and nurses and scientists who are working to discover the right medicines to give hope to those who are ill. Thank you that even in these strange and worrying times, you are with us. Help us to look for the signs of your goodness and love towards us. Amen.

Revd. Nicky Gumble from Holy Trinity Brampton, London has given a very comforting sermon on Coronavirus outbreak.  Please click to hear the sermon: Thanks to Susannah VanStaten for sending the link.

With warm wishes and prayers,
Anand and Shaila
Revd. Dr. Anand Sodadasi,
Rectory, 1, Hall Lane, Great Chishill,
Royston, HERTS - SG88SG.  Tel. 01763-838703

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Monday, 9 March 2020

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‘Who is the Holy Spirit?’

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Join us for LOTS OF MESSY FUN! 
Crafts, activities, bible story, songs & yummy food!